Girls of color to the front.” That’s Wavebreaker’s ethos. Like many girls, singer Dana Viloria was inspired by Kathleen Hanna’s words, “Girls to the front.” This simple concept of letting womxn feel safe in male-dominated punk scenes was essential. But it’s still not enough. Girls of color need to be lifted up more than ever before, and that’s the guiding principle in the music that Dana makes with bandmates Cindy Sukrattanawong, Clay Johnson, Jeffrey Byron and Mike Trejo. Wavebreaker is: an intersectional punk band. Emotional anthems that scream about everything from disrupting the status quo, to the dire need to speak up and act up in the face of sexism. Pop songs that celebrate personal happiness while also searching for one’s roots and feeling lost in a world that is a political battlefield. It’s as dynamic as a real person is. It is activism at its core – resisting by existing.